Car Audio Repair

What about audio sound?

In the most basic terms, the audio sound of a car radio or CD player is filtered through the vehicle?s speakers. The audio spectrum is primarily divided into four separate frequency ranges, called bass, mid-bass, mid-range and high. Speakers ideally work within a specified range, with user adjustments allowed.

Why is my radio making these noises?

A whine, squeal, or high pitched hum in the radio may rise and fall with the engine speed and may be caused by an improperly shielded alternator. A sharp popping sound can occur when the turn signal, brakes, or wipers are turned on and can be caused by a voltage spike that travels into the audio system.

What are my options?

The vehicle can be taken to a local dealer or car audio shop, or the owner can repair it. There are numerous automotive websites that sell parts, advertise repair services, offer free repair estimates, and free tutorials. Some service manuals or other how-to books can also be purchased online.


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