Electrical System Repair

What makes up the electrical system?

New technologies continue to make a vehicle?s electrical system more complex. Newer vehicles? electrical systems control a wide variety of components, from wiring and circuits, starting and charging systems, instrumentation, powered mirrors and windows, lights, antilock brakes, to internal combustion and hybrid engine management systems.

How can I tell if the electrical system is working properly?

If a vehicle won't start, and the problem isn?t the battery or starter, it could be that something is wrong with the electrical system. If the alternator light comes on while the engine is running, the alternator is probably charging. Turning off most of the electrical items, radio, air conditioning, etc. might help long enough to get the vehicle to a repair shop, or at least safely stopped.

What are my options?

Unless the owner has the skills and proper diagnostic equipment, the vehicle needs to be taken to a local dealer or repair shop. There are numerous automotive and other websites that advertise their services, and some sites offer reviews of their services.


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