Intake Repair

What are intake components?

An intake system is designed to manage optimal air flow to a vehicle?s engine. A cold air intake system is designed to increase the power of the engine, as well as give better fuel combustion. Other components consist of air filters that prevent dust and dirt getting into the engine, and an intake manifold, which is designed as a fuel and air passage system to the engine.

Why can go wrong with the intake components?

With a cold air intake system, there is a risk that too much cold air mixed with water vapor could prevent evaporation of fuel droplets and cause ice to develop, resulting in poor engine performance. Also, if not replaced, air filters may get clogged with dust and dirt and enter the engine's cylinders, where it could cause mechanical wear, as well as oil contamination.

What are my options?

The vehicle can be taken to a local dealer or repair shop, or the owner can replace air filters and perform repairs. There are numerous automotive websites that sell parts and advertise repair services. Some offer free repair estimates and free tutorials, and service manuals or other how-to books can also be purchased online.


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