Transmission Repair

What does a transmission do?

A transmission system includes gears, shafts, and other related parts, and power is transmitted from the engine to the wheels. An automatic transmission makes sure that power delivered to the wheels keeps the engine running at a certain RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) range, through various gear combinations.

What can go wrong with the transmission?

If a vehicle clicks, buzzes, whistles, moans or groans, screeches, hums or whines, it?s not necessarily upset, but there may be a problem with the transmission. Other obvious symptoms could include leaks under the vehicle or an inability or difficulty in changing gears or slippage of gears. The problem could be minor and call for a minor adjustment, or it could need extensive repairs.

What are my options?

Unless the owner has the skills and equipment, the vehicle needs to be taken to a local dealer, transmission repair shop, or auto repair shop. There are numerous automotive websites that advertise specialty transmission services and sell parts. Other sites offer free troubleshooting guides and DIY instructions, while others sell service manuals.

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