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Do you believe in the normal and extreme service schedule? Do you follow one of those for your Y/M/M?

The extreme service schedule

The extreme service schedule is put in place for good reason. Don't forget this is "preventative" maintenance. The idea is to prevent. Heat, sun, dry, these are all extremes that have been proven to pretty much cause wear or damage to anything. Garage kept vehicles always last to need services. I've seen tires 2 years old dry rotted. I have seen garage kept tires 10 years old, without a sign of cracking. Especially for parts you cant see you should have the work done. Don't forget, if something breaks, you pay for the repair and the maintenance anyway. Just pay the maintenance.

I am a big advocate for PM,

I am a big advocate for PM, my question was rather whether or not it should be only two service intervals, the ideal and extreme. sometime is a big difference between the two,e.g., Honda Accords have 3,000 mile extreme and 10,000 mile ideal schedule. The Honda manual states as one of the conditions for the extreme (they call it severe I guess) 'driving in Canada'. I'd think that depending on the particular driving conditions and behavior and climate, there should be a service interval, which is in-between the idealand severe and tailored to the driver and car. would you agree?