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how to change oil on a 2005 nissan quest

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You need to locate the oil pan under the vehicle. It looks like a pan with a drain bolt in the middle. you need to loosen bolt and have oil drain container handy to catch the oil that comes out drain plug when removed. Let oil completly drain out and you will need to locate oil filter usually under the engine area but make sure you go to nearest autozone or local auto parts store before hand to get correct filter and oil type for your vehicle because

you cannot drive without oil.

you cannot drive without oil. Just simply unscrew oil filter and replace with new one. Replace the drain plug and fill back up with oil. Find out how many quarts are recommended for your vehicle because you dont want to over or under fill.

Good luck>.

get you a filter change it.

get you a filter change it. pull the plug. and away you go

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