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Where is the oil drain plug in a 1999 Chrysler 300M located? Just bought the car and want to change the oil!!

put the car on a lift or

put the car on a lift or ramps - slide under the vehicle between the front wheels. looking at the bottom of the engine you will see 2 pans - the rear is the transmission the the front is the oil pan and it will have a hex shaped bolt / drain plug. remove the plug with a pan under it and then you'll will need to change the filter which needs a special wrench. when oil is drained replace the plug carefully as the pan is aluminum and will strip out if tightened to much. remove the oil fill cap and replace with 4 to 5 qts. put in 4 and check after its has time to get to the pan. top off with the 5th qt half at a time until its at the full line on the dip stick.

Thank you so much. . . .I

Thank you so much. . . .I appreciate all your help!!

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