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# 1 plug is not firing,coil and plug wire are all good on a 2000 contour 2.0

Are you getting a spark out

Are you getting a spark out of the spark plug wire? Is the fuel injector injecting properly into that cylinder?

are the other coils firing?

are the other coils firing? if so swap it with one that does fire. if that one does not fire you'll have to check power and the ground the computer supplys. with the key in the run pos."eng. not running", you should have 12 volts on one of the coil's connector term.. on the other wire you should a ground pulse. connect a 12 volt test light to the neg"-" term on the batt. and probe the tip of test light to either of the coil's connector's two wires. the wire that lights the light is the coil power wire. now connect the test light to the batt."+" term. and to the coil connector wire that did NOT light the test light, have a helper crank the eng. for a second. you should see the test light flash on and off . if so the coil is bad, if not you will have to check the wiring going to the coil connector. all the coils share the same power. the neg. wire to the coil comes from the computer. you can trace that wire throu the harness. if ok the computer is at falt.

yes the other 3 are firing I

yes the other 3 are firing I swaped the plug wire the wire and plug is good but the #1 terminal of the coil is still dead is it the coil I bought bad or should i consider the comp.Thanks so much for your help

the injector for all four

the injector for all four cylenders are working

did you swap one of the

did you swap one of the firing coils with the #1 coil. if you did and the known good coil did not fire, you'll have to chech the wiring