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99 olds bravada. 4.3 liter engins. Power loss and vibration (think it's in the front end) only when accelerating.

place like midus/monroe will

place like midus/monroe will check for free but if you can jack it up check for excessive wheel movement also try and spin the wheels make sure there not locked up and is check engine light on?

No. Check engine light is

No. Check engine light is not on. Doesn't sound like vibration from the wheels. Sounds like it's in or below the engine.

is it a 4x4 bcuz the front

is it a 4x4 bcuz the front diff (carrier) is located directly under the engine

There have been a number of

There have been a number of cases where the stabilitrak system hangs up in Four Wheel Drive, this cause a lose of power and tire scuffing when making sharp turns. sometime the Check Engine Light turn on and other times it doesn't.

Olds had a TSB concerning the transmission fluid change procedures, cleaning/flusing and type of fluid used.

This model has the

This model has the smartdrive. Could be a problem with that. I'll have to check it out.


if the problem is in the

if the problem is in the front differential (carrier) i relaced one on a 99 jimmy last winter there are 2 different models (codes are in the glove compartment) the carrrier cost me bout $160.

thats about what you said

thats about what you said yesterday

The smartdrive problems will

The smartdrive problems will sometimes set a code in the computer (but not always). This is usually a dealer fix, unless you have a Transmission shop nearby which has experience in diagnosing these. Drive it and pay close attention to the number of shifts you feel a well as the way it pulls in overdrive. (re-read all of these posts---there is some good info here)