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how do i increase my mpg on a 302 5.0L it only gets 1 when my 89 302 5.0L got 19-20

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There are several things that can affect fuel economy here are some tips:

Make sure the air pressure on the tires are set.

Check the air filter and fuel filter. An engine that can't breathe is going to blow by fuel not igniting it and wasting it.

Check the fuel injectors, a clogged fuel injector(s) could also waste fuel so make sure the fuel system is clean.

Is the check engine light on?

A bad 02 sensor or Mass Air flow sensor can waste a ton of gas so if there is a check engine light on you need to get the codes.

So you smell raw fuel? Check the fuel pressure regulator for leaks.

Also check the gas cap.

I believe there are more than one reason you are only getting 1 mpg. I'm almost positive the engine light should be on, so get the codes I will get you some more inforamtion, please including the year, make and model.

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