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2001 Chevy Cavalier - The "Check Engine" light is on. I have checked coolant and oil. They are fine. What else should I check. The car seems to be running fine. It is not overheating.

Take your vehicle to Auto

Take your vehicle to Auto Zone or other parts store that will tell you what the code is causing your check engine light. Then you can go to that area of the vehicle and see what could be the problem. If you get the fault code let me know what it is and we can move forward.

Welcome to There

Welcome to There could be several possible potential fixes so your best bet would be to take it to Autozone or your nearest auto parts store and have them test for problem codes to pinpoint your problem and fix. Are there any problem codes and what are they? I will need this to explain the problem and procedure to repair. Good luck If you have more details and questions visit us again at

Once you have the fault codes

Once you have the fault codes it will be a lot easier to track it down, most of the newer cars do a great job of telling us what is wrong with them. Auto Zone is good about telling you what the codes mean, or you can google them as well. Good Luck

Hey why not try AutoZone to

Hey why not try AutoZone to get your code checked.