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2006 Chevy Impala LT, V6 tapping, clicking under dash

Tapping, clicking noise under both sides of the dash, I have a 2006 Chevy Impala LT, v6 dual A/C-Heater controls. The noise initially started when I would change the A/C- Heat controls, it gradually has progressed to happen any time, it doesn't matter if the engine is on or not, it even continues after I walk away from the car. We pulled the fuse under the hood marked "display" on cover, it stops the noise but it also controls my speedometer and displays too. The noise starts on the drivers side then it stops and it starts on the passenger side, after approximately 2 minutes it will stop completely, strange and annoying!!

LKLDE, It's good that you


It's good that you started a new and separate thread for your problem, but in terms of a repair it doesn't change anything that has already been posted. BTW: We need to know your level of skill and the level of skill of all who may be helping you with this problem.

I have -0- to very little

I have -0- to very little skill, I'm a single 57 yr old female, my son in law has been helping me when he is in from driving long haul, I send him the responses I get from you all, he has some skills, but not a lot. I just can't afford to take it to the Chevy Place and pay them for guessing, I thought maybe some one that has been through this would know what was wrong so I could tell my son in law.

LKLDE, The heating and air


The heating and air door actuators are a common problem on GMs. The gears inside of them strip out. I'm not saying that this is the case on yours but take a look at the video on the link below. It's not a very informative video but maybe you could tell us if this is the noise(s) you hear. I recommend you listen to the end of the video as well. Some actuators are louder than others.

If this is what you are hearing you should be able to pull the drivers kick panel down and pull the glove box to determine which ones are acting up. Most of the actuators are around $30-$40 a piece.

Let us know. Thanks.

I know for a fact those

I know for a fact those actuators are a problem, but I don't think when they fail that it causes the A/C compressor to run with the ignition off.

LKLDE, Old Pete is a smart


Old Pete is a smart guy and contributes alot of good info to this site but he has obviously been tainted by the 2 year old post that you added to prior to making this one. It is for reasons like this that I suggested making a new one and I thank you for doing so.


I couldn't get the video to

I couldn't get the video to come up on utube

I just tried the link and it

I just tried the link and it worked for me. If you can't copy and paste the link, you can go to and type this in.

06+ Impala AC tick fix vid.wmv

Do not go to is a different site and is where you will find it.

It might have to buffer a minute and you might even have to refresh the screen but it should work.

Thank you so very much, that

Thank you so very much, that is exactly what my car is doing!!!! Thank you!!!

LKLDE, SSHHHHH!!! Your car


SSHHHHH!!! Your car might be able to hear you. :-)
Thank us once she is fixed.

On a serious note... If you don't mind posting the final repair info, it might be helpful for future readers.

Let us know how it turns out or if you have any other questions. Thanks.

I will certainly post after

I will certainly post after it's repaired, is the part called the a/c actuator?

LKLDE, They are called


They are called heating and air conditioning door actuators. If and when you find the faulty one(s) the part number should be on it/them. They might have updated the part numbers but the original number should get you what you need.

Thanks drivability for

Thanks drivability for setting us straight on this.


Did a search for you online and came up with the link below. The link tells me (and if I were you) that you should check with a dealer for a TSB (technical service bulletin). Most likely there are new or updated actuators. Hope it helps.

Good Luck
Peter Miller

God Bless You, you are

God Bless You, you are awesome, I will post everything after it's repaired, Thank you so much!!!!

LKLDE, Took some time for us


Took some time for us to get on track from all the different threads regarding this problem but here it is.

There is a bulletin (06-06-02-002) about a clicking noise, heard from inside the vehicle, on the passenger side:

Some customers may comment on a ticking or clicking noise heard inside the vehicle on the passenger side. The noise may be noticeable with the engine on and at idle, with the vehicle in PARK, and with the HVAC and radio off.


The noise may be caused by normal EVAP purge valve operation. The EVAP purge valve operation may be internally grounding out, creating a noise path through the coolant inlet and outlet hoses/pipes

The fix is to replace the coolant inlet and outlet hoses/pipes with updated parts.

Check out the link below as well.

I hope this makes me awesome as well. If been called many things but never awesome :-).

LKLDE, I found actuators for


I found actuators for your vehicle ranging from $21-$48. You might want to shop around once you have the part number you need. Again, make sure that you check to be sure you are getting the updated version. There have been multiple revisions for those actuators. I would recommend sticking with the AC Delco product. I'm not a big fan of the design but you will often find that buying the "knock off" version of an already poor design is a bad idea.

Big Block,

Don't feel bad. I didn't get an awesome or a God bless you either. :-( I guess you and I just don't have the swagger and charisma that flows from Old Pete's fingertips with every keystroke. :) No big deal though. IN FACT! I'm not even gonna bring up the whole thing about me sulking all day pondering my demise. I'm above all that. :-)

LKLDE & Pete,

Just messing with ya. Take care. Thanks

Pete, Look man me and


Look man me and drivability wanna be awesome like you. We figured out it's gotta be what you're drinkin that makes you awesome. Drive drinks WD-40. I drink beer and Gin (mostly together) but in separate glasses. Tell us what you drink so we can be awesome as well.

All of you are awesome for

All of you are awesome for helping me!!!! I really appreciate you all Thank you so much!!!