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How do you remove a broken spark plug boot that has broken at the plug base on a 1998 lincoln continental.

frist of all check the broken

frist of all check the broken plug to see it the eletrode fell out of plug and into engin, if so the clylinder head will have to be removed to take it out of cylinder.
if not, start soaking it now with penitrating oil and go to a parts store and tell them you need a easy out extractor to remove the broken plug.
tap the extractor into the broken plug and slowly apply perssure until it starts to move, once it moves you should be able to unscrew it.

Use a long flat-tipped

Use a long flat-tipped screwdriver, try to slide it between the boot and the spark plug, then twist the screwdriver until you break the part of the boot that is still stuck on the plug. Use a small piece of wire to "fish" the boot part out of the spark plug hole.

key word boot, my bad

key word boot, my bad

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