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Hyundai elantra manual transmission issue

i just replaced the clutch in my sons 2003 hyundai elantra 4 cyl. followed all the rules during disassembly and reassembly Thought it was fairly easy. i did view the fingers on the pressure plate depress when tightning which i know would be normal as this is a pull type clutch. After reassembly before setting on the ground we started and ran through the gears no tires. all seemed well. put tires on and set on the ground put in gear and the car doesnt move. makes a funny noise like a moan. I was wondering if i may have gotten the tranny between gears moving the shift linkage manually while working on it. I was thinking the clutch may be slipping. I did also notice that when in gear on the ground i can move the car as if it is in neutral. have any thoughts

Tballin, I don't want to


I don't want to offend you but I don't know your experience and skill level and I want to ask you a question. I know you said you "followed the rules" but I don't know what "rules" and I don't know if you are aware that the clutch disc itself can be put in backwards. Are you? When installed backwards they can display different symptoms. Some won't disengage (they stay in gear), some slip very bad, some operate close enough to be driven but all seem to make noise (hub rubbing against flywheel bolts).

The hub of the clutch protrudes out on one side. Let's say it looks like a top hat. Did you put the top of the hat towards the flywheel or towards the pressure plate?

Again, I don't want to offend you but I feel the need to ask. Post back here with more info or questions. We'll be glad to help. Thanks.

Rightly so I was an auto

Rightly so I was an auto mechanic for years. I installed the disc so the flat side was against the fly wheel as the old one was. the hat as you describe did face the pressure plate. I have a hard time believing that in gear there is not the slightest amount of resistance nor do i see the belts even moving a tiny amount when i roll the car. I ran the frront up on jack stands with the tires on and in gear and I can hold both wheels at a stop

Tballin, Glad to hear this


Glad to hear this isn't your first attempt at auto repair. Sorry about feeling the need to ask the question earlier. All I new about you at that point was that you had been a member on this site for less than an hour, your son has an elantra and you have some tools.

Have you confirmed that it is not something pedal or hydraulic related? Maybe unbolting the slave to see if it allows the release to move.

Ihave been able to watch the

Ihave been able to watch the slave move thr release arm about 1/2- 1" seems to be working fine noi leaks etc. I have removed it completely put the car in gear and it still rolls like its in neutral. I am just looking for input I really suspect the New NAPA clutch is junk and dont want to pull the tranny again without looking at all my options

Tballin, If the clutch slips


If the clutch slips with the slave disconnected then it would almost have to be inside. By rights, I guess I'm supposed to ask you if you properly resurfaced the flywheel, cleaned the new pressure plate and made sure you didn't contaminate the setup with grease, oil etc. as well as making sure you lubricated the bearing, shaft and release. I'd hate to imagine the kind of contamination or lack of lubrication it would take to cause symptoms so severe (seen some pretty sloppy jobs) but outside of that I can't imagine what you could have done wrong. The only "tricks" if you will, to installing it are to make sure you stagger torque the bolts and seat the bearing. Maybe I'm just too used to doing it and I'm overlooking something that I do almost second nature. Maybe someone else will join this post soon and hit the nail on the head but your "junk parts" theory is sounding pretty good.

Let us know what you find. Thanks.

I wamt to really thank you

I wamt to really thank you for all your advice but let me tell you murphy was in my garage. I was convinced that the clutch was the problem so I set out getting ready to pull the tranny had everything un hooked and went to pull the half shafts out when i pulled the drivers side i noticed that the outer cv seemed to be unsplined from shaft not realizing if i had just did this i tried to spline back together wouldn't go so I pulled the boot and to my surprize it was not splined when it went back together when we reassembled. hence free wheeling no connection any way you slice it. Dropped in a new half shaft and voila the car works great,
Just wanted to let you and everyone who was watching to see the outcome of my issue that no matter how much experience you have ocassionally you need a wake up call from murphy just to keep you honest. reamember measure twice cut once.
Thanks for taking the time to try to help me out. sometimes thats all it takes to get you thinking

Tballin, You had the vehicle


You had the vehicle running through the gears, in the air, with the wheels spinning, atleast twice that I know of and who knows how many times you tried it on the ground. You'd think you would have heard a little more out of it than a little moan. Too funny. As far as Murphy goes I hope you find him and chain him down so he can stay the heck away from the rest of us. If you replace this style axle in the future you might want to check for play in and out. Once the ring is engaged you should have some free play when you move the inboard tulip. Glad you got it fixed. Thanks for letting us know how it turned out. Take care.