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I have a 1995 mercury villager that isn,t getting fuel to the number 1 cylinder i,ve replace the fuel injector and plugs and wires it hit for about an hour after i replaced the injector but now its back to missing .Any ideals ??

Burt, I don't understand


I don't understand something in your last post. You gotta clarify this before we can move foward with this. Are you sayin that now that you replaced the fuel injector that fuel is reachin all the other injectors and the number one injector as well, or are you sayin that even with the replaced injector your right back to square one, (still no fuel at the number one injector) and the misfires continues? Burt, there's gotta misfire codes set. For the sake of accuracy post them.

check the resistance on all

check the resistance on all injectors-- the resistance should be about the same on all injectors. If not, the injector which is different is most likely the problem.

Check the compression on that cylinder and compare it to the othe cylinders as well.

Swap the spark plug with the

Swap the spark plug with the plug from another cylinder. If that cylinder now begins to misfire, the spark plug is the problem.

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