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i have a 1997 cavalier ls. my question is if my abs light is on will that cause my ets light to come on and not work. could the wheel spin sensor be the problem. thanks spider.

if a problem happens in

if a problem happens in either system, they both will be disabled and both lights will come on.
you'll need to have the computers scanned to know just what is at fault.

most auto parts do a free

most auto parts do a free scan and some repair shops as well.

Most chain type stores (Auto

Most chain type stores (Auto Zone, Advance Auto Parts), etc etc "CANNOT" read "ABS codes.

Was there a recent repair done to the "Suspension or Brake" system?

this bulletin you can check

this bulletin you can check yourself, insp. the wires on the back side of front hubs.
there's also another bulletin, 73-50-26, but the dealer will have to check that one.

ABS Indicator Lamp On, DTC 21,22,32 or 33 Set

File In Section: 5 - Brakes

Bulletin No.: 63-50-15B

Date: March, 1998

ABS Indicator Lamp ON, DTC 21, 22, 32 or 33 Set
(Install Front ABS Wheel Speed Sensor Wiring Harness Connector Kit)

1992-97 Buick Skylark
1991-96 Chevrolet Beretta, Corsica
1992-97 Chevrolet Cavalier
1992-97 Oldsmobile Achieva
1992-94 Pontiac Sunbird
1995-97 Pontiac Sunfire
1992-97 Pontiac Grand Am

This bulletin is being revised to update parts and applicable model information. Please discard Corporate Bulletin Number 63-50-15A - (Section 5 - Brakes)


Some owners may comment that the ABS indicator lamp is "ON". Also, malfunction DTC 21, 22, 32 or 33 could set.


The right front and left front ABS wheel speed sensor wiring harness could be damaged and result in an open circuit. The wiring harness may be damaged approximately 4 inches (10 cm) back from the harness connector to the wheel speed sensor. This allows moisture to enter the harness causing corrosion and resulting in the open circuit.


A thorough inspection for corrosion and/or damage should be performed on suspect vehicles. It may be necessary to move the protective conduit away in order to inspect the wiring properly. If a failure occurs and damage is found, install the front ABS wheel speed sensor wiring harness connector kit(s). The kit includes instructions, splices, and "pigtail" connector.

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Parts are currently available from GMSPO.

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For vehicles repaired under warranty, use:

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H2530 Right Side Use published
H2531 Left Side Labor Operation