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My 95' honda civic ex won't turns over but wont fire....there is spark and fuel....any suggestions on where to start?

what is the fuel pressure

what is the fuel pressure psi?

Spray a small amount carb

Spray a small amount carb ceaner into the intake snorkle (be sure to put the snorkle back into place before attempting to start the engine)and try to start the engine. If it starts then the fuel you're getting isn't enough (usually caused by low fuel pressure or a clogged fuel filter). If it still doesn't start, theproblem is not a lack of fuel. this does not eliminate the possibiliy of too much fuel. To check for this remove a spark plug and check the end for excessive fuel (plug will be wet and have a strong smell of gas). If it is getting too much gas, clean the spark plugs, reinstall them and try starting the engine. (in extreme cases you will have to replace the spark plugs)

Also, is the engine spinning over normally, or does it seem to be spinning over faster than normal (faster than normal could be a sign of timing belt problems)?

The engine needs fuel, a spark (at the right time) and compression inorder to run.

have you checked the fuses?

have you checked the fuses?