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My car makes a whining noise when first starting up and for the first few miles of driving it. I have checked the power steering, it seems to be at a good level. What do you suggest it is?

what year make and model some

what year make and model some p/s pump resivoirs have a screen that will clog and cause this if not this style may be the pump going bad

Is this with or without the

Is this with or without the a/c on or defrost? If it only happens with the a/c or defrost on then it is most likely related to the a/c comoressor clutch/clutch bearing.

I know it's hot outside but a lot of people set their vents to blow on the windshield.

it's a 1999 Mistubushi

it's a 1999 Mistubushi Eclipse GS, two door, 4 cylinder. It seems to do it any time, no matter when the air is on or off. it's mostly when starting the vehicle.. it goes away after revving it or driving it for a while

it could be a one of a few

it could be a one of a few you may have to wait till it gets worse, or try and listen thru mecanik stethoscope when you first start it touch the areas closest to the bearing/pullyshafts,and check the belt condition/tighteness watch all hands fingers clothing when working around a running engine, heres what one looks like

haha. i dont have the

haha. i dont have the experience to do something like that. Do you think it could be powersteering? like the powersteering system?

definitely sounds like a belt

definitely sounds like a belt problem look under the hood when the noise is occuring try maybe some belt dressing spray n see if the noise stops or increases to isolate the problem