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My daughter has a 2004 Pontiac Sunbird with a 2.2 liter. she said it will not start occasionaly and when this no start condition is going to happen it sounds different when turning over. I have heard her cold and hot start the car and it always started ri

I'm thinking its a starter

I'm thinking its a starter issue. When it doesnt start, ask her if it has a whinning sound. This would tell me the starter is turning but not engaging to the flywheel/ring gear. Would need a starter replacement.


Thanks for the input! Would

Thanks for the input! Would the starter only do it once in awhile? I have made sure I listen every time i am home and it has yet to do it when i am there.

Yes it would, there may be a

Yes it would, there may be a bad spot in starter and every once in awhile it will stop there. I had a Chev Beretta in the shop the other day that wouldnt start, couple of taps on the starter with a hammer and fired right up. I changed the starter and all was good.

I hope this helps.....


Sorry to bug you again,

Sorry to bug you again, finaly yesterday when she started it i heard it. It cranks over fine but when it did it it was like there was no spark and under the hood from the fuse/relay panel/box there was a buzzing/fast clicking noise. I pulled the cover off of it and made sure all the fuses and relays were seated down good, they seemed to be . she tried it a couple more times it did it once more and then it started 3 times in a row with no problems. It seemed to be cranking over good during all of this. The time it didnt start included. any ideas?
thanks again,
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i would have the alternater

i would have the alternater and battery checked to see how strong they are and make sure the connections are good - auto parts stores test them free

Make sure you have a good

Make sure you have a good ground going from the battery to the body(normally to a fender). With out a body ground, all kinds of wierd things can happen.
By the way, your not bugging me, I find this relaxing.

Thanks for your reply.

Thanks for your reply. Checked the battery (which is only 6 mo. old)and connections and all the grounds I could find, 4 total (took them all apart and cleaned none seemed bad) the buzzing noise is coming from the fuel relay in the fuse box under the hood. I switched it with another identical one from the box and it is still doing it. Do you know if the fuel pump on this one is on the tank? or if it has a seperate ground wire that I should check? when the car is making the noise and wont start the dash and running lights all blink /flicker and go crazy... I dont know what else to try except if the fuel pump gound (if it has one) is dirty.

I know you probably dont want

I know you probably dont want to hear this, but I would have to unbolt the fuse block assembly and see if theres a corroded wire underneath going to that relay. The pump is in the tank, but appears to be ok. There has to be a bad connection somewhere. It seems like that relay doesnt always have enough voltage all the time, and thats why its buzzing. If you can get the symtom to happen, and tap on the fuse block with a screwdriver handel, I would be curios to see what happens. I know it sounds bad, but sometimes I wish it would just not start so I know when I found the problem.