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no heat on a 1992 cadillac seville

check coolant level, top off

check coolant level, top off as needed, make sure on air is traped in system. if need be pull off a heater hose from fire wall and then fill until it comes out heater hose.
next with engin warmed up check the heater hoses, they should BOTH be as hot as rad. to engin hose, all should be too hot to hold on to.
if one heater hose is hotter than the other, it's an ind. that the heater core or intake outlet/water pump outlet are restricted/plugged, more than like it will be heater core.
if both hoses are the same temp., than check the heater controls, when switching from hot to cold you should hear movement noise in the heater/ac housing under dash.
check these things and let us know what you've found, we'll take from there.
also make sure the upper rad. hose and the lower rad. hoses are the same temp., if not thermostat may not be closing, if you have a temp gauge on dash, let us know what it says when engin is hot.

Have cooling system leak

Have cooling system leak tested (if coolant level was low). The leak test is a tremendous aid in locating leaks.