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where is the map sensor located on my 93 ford ranger xlt v6 4.0L 4wd

i donn't think that engin

i donn't think that engin uses one, just the mass air folw sensor. what's up

i am having trouble with the

i am having trouble with the truck stalling.when i bought the truck it had a very high and erratic idol,plus it had hesitation while driving at low speeds.when i get to half throttle or higher it runs better.since then i have changed the mass sensor,tps sensor,iac valve,pcv valve and plug check engine light comes on but it goes off after a little bit.i have had it hooked up to run a diagnostics check but it doesn't show any codes.since i changed the iac valve it dropped my idol down,but it is still erratic and wants to stall when idoling.

does it run good for the

does it run good for the frist few min. then act up. if so it may be a o2 sensor dropping off. depending on the voltage the o2 puts out, it can run rich or lean, too much of either will cause this cond. if the light comes on there should be a code set and it will stay in computer until the batt is disconnected or computer looses voltage.

no it does it when its warm

no it does it when its warm or cold.i have disconnected the battery numerous times.i have recently bought my own tester but it does the same as the one at the shows no codes.i have been told it could be a fuel pressure regulator fuel pump or map sensor.i didnt think this engine had doesnt have a egr valve either from what i have seen.

i donn't have mine here, but

i donn't have mine here, but i think you can read o2 sweeps using it. see if the one you have does, if so you can monitor o2 for going lean. then you'll know it's a lean cond. and address it.

I have a 93 ford ranger with

I have a 93 ford ranger with a 4.0L 4wd.i changed the 02 sensors and now the truck won't run at will start when its cold.when i put it in gear to start to drive there is no throttle responce at all.i can push gas pedal all the way to the floor and it does nothing.if i leave it in neutral and idoling it runs and i can push the gas and it responds but like i said as soon as i put it in gear and let the clutch out theres once its warmed up and i turn it off it won't start back up.any suggestions.