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Will a bad alternator cause my battery to go dead overnight even though the meter on the dash shows that it is charging while driving ?

need to know year and

need to know year and make.
sometimes those ediot lights dont work test car when it is crancked take terminal off of battrey see if it quits running if it does not stay running alternator is not charging but better to test with a dc voltage meter.sometimes there is a relay on most automobiles located in fuse box under gets stuck and stays in the closed position and causes the altanator to keep bleeding voltage = usage= dead battery.also a key swicth can cause this too,feel the relays under hood if one is hot its probably bad causeing problem replace it you need to leave youre terminal off of car when you park it till you can correct this problem it can cause you to buy a new battery from discharging and recharging not good for battrey.

yes a bad alt would cause

yes a bad alt would cause that problem as well as a bad selenoid on a starter.i have had several times when this has happened and have replaced the battery,altinator and other things to find out it was the starter selenoid all along.test the alt at your local parst store first if ok then i would check the selinoid...if it hangs just a touch it would drain your batt with out starting the vehicle.hope this helps good luck...been there ..done that not fun