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1995 chevy truck C2500 6.5 turbo diesel. What do I have to do to change out the heater core?

drain about half of coolant -

drain about half of coolant - look for sludge in radiator and flush system if needed- remove heater hoses from firewall - remove panels behind glove box to access the core - remove and replace. go to - register - add vehicle and go to repair section for step by step with pics.

Copy and paste the link below

Copy and paste the link below into your address box and click on go.

Try for the

Try for the step-by step guide along with pictures for this procedure.
Once at the site identify you car under the heading "current Vehicle"
Next click "Repair Info" on the tabs below the AutoZone logo.
At the middle of the page go to "Your Ride, Your Guide" and click "Become a member" set you username and password
Log-in and click "Vehicle repair guide"
Select the category for the repair needed.
Select (on the left) type of repair needed.
Page opens to your repair info.

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