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1996 Dodge Caravan gauges all not working - gas tank is full but still registers E, speedometer needle doesn't move

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Welcome to oblem:
The Instrument Cluster Circuit Board fails causing the speedometer, tachometer and all other gauges to quit working. Depending on exactly how it fails, the Vacuum Fluorescent Odometer display may also be lost.
Test & Fix:
When the problem is occurring, perform the Instrument Cluster self test. Begin with the ignition key switch in the off position. Press and hold in the Odometer Trip and Reset buttons. Turn the key to the On position. Wait until the word CODE appears in the Odometer window, then release the buttons. A normal self test will step through turning all of the indicator lights on and off and sweeping all of the gauge needles. If this does not happen, the test has failed. If the self test fails, check the Power, Ground and Bus wires at the 13 cavity connector behind the Cluster with the key on. There should be 12 volts on the Pink wire at cavity 2 and the Red/White Wire at cavity 11. There should be good ground available on the Black/Light Green wire at cavity 7 and the Black wire at cavity 13. The White/Black wire at cavity 9 and the Violet/Brown wire at cavity 10 are both Bus wires. Each of them should have approximately 2.5 volts. If these all check OK, replace the Instrument Cluster Circuit Board. NOTE: After replacing the Circuit Board, the gauges will require recalibration using the DRB III factory scan tool. At the time of this writing no aftermarket scanner is known to be able to perform the gauge recalibration. Good luck.