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1996 Oldsmobile Ciera 3.1L sometimes doesn't start when it's cold

When it gets cold outside and it's been humid the night before, my 1996 Olds Ciera doesn't start in the morning. It's happening more and more often. It turns over just fine, but the car won't start. In the front, the fuel pump relay clicks - I've already replaced that - and there's a hum from the back (guessing it's the fuel pump - the fuel line feels like it's pulsing when this happens). I leave the key in the "on" position and the humming from the back gets louder. Once the humming stops, the fuel pump relay stops clicking and the car starts every time right away. Once it's started, it runs fine - no stalling or power loss. When it's warm, this never happens. I just changed the plugs and wires and the fuel pump relay. Before I drop the tank and go after the fuel pump, any other suggestions?

have you checked the actual

have you checked the actual fuel pressure?

I checked it a little over a

I checked it a little over a year ago - thought the fuel pressure regulator was on its way out so I changed the regulator at that point. I haven't checked the pressure lately.

bomar, The condition you are


The condition you are describin means that it's takin a longer amount of time than normal for static fuel pressure to build. Replace the fuel filter if it hasn't been replaced recently. Static fuel pressure is the fuel PSI with the key on and engine off. For us to help you we gotta know what the static fuel PSI value is exactly. To measure the PSI you need a fuel pressure gauge. You can borrow one for free at Auto Zone, via their free loaner tool service. When you have the static PSI pressure, post it so we can see it, and we'll tell you what the next step is.

Bomar, I agree with what has


I agree with what has been stated so far. In addition to a static PSI, it would be helpful to know the residual pressure as well.

Post back with more info or if you have any questions about the tests. Thanks