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1997 plymouth breeze 2.0 liter, my clutch cable broke at the transmission, how do i disconect it cable from the padal so i can replace it?

here's the replacement info,

here's the replacement info, post email and i'll send pics. they donn't post here. mws919

The manual transaxle clutch release system has a unique self-adjusting mechanism to compensate for clutch disc wear. This adjuster mechanism is located within the clutch cable assembly. The preload spring maintains tension on the cable. This tension keeps the clutch release bearing continuously loaded against the fingers of the clutch cover assembly.


Pull up and remove Power Distribution Center.
Remove transaxle splash cover.
Pun back on clutch cable housing and disengage cable from housing.
Guide cable through slot in transaxle and disconnect cable from release lever.
Disconnect clutch cable from clutch pedal up- stop/spacer Note: Depressing the clutch pedal provides access to the clutch cable strand. Disconnect the cable end from the spacer by inserting a hooked tool into the clearance hole on the inboard side of the up-upstop/spacer. Now push the cable out- ward. Remove the upstop/spacer by inserting a screwdriver between the spacer and the shoulder of the pin on the clutch pedal. CAUTION: Do not pull on the clutch cable housing to move It from the dash panel. Damage to the cable if adjuster may occur.

Cable End Removal:Use a slight twisting motion while grasping the grommet and body to remove the cable from the dash panel and clutch bracket. a screwdriver may be required to dislodge the cable grommet from the dash panel. Use caution to avoid damage to the cable grommet. INSTALLATION:
Using a slight twisting motion, insert the self adjuster mechanism end of the clutch cable through the dash panel hole and into the bracket
Seat the 8mm wide groove on the cable grommet in the dash panel. Make sure the self adjuster is firmly seated against the clutch bracket to ensure proper adjuster mechanism function.
Connect the clutch cable to the up-step/spacer.
Connect the up-stop/spacer to the clutch pedal.
Adjuster mechanism function check: With slight pressure, pull the clutch release lever end of the cable to draw the cable taut. Push the clutch cable housing toward the dash panel (With less than 15 lbs. of effort the cable housing should move 30-50mm). This indicates proper adjuster mechanism function. If the cable does not adjust, determine if the mechanism is properly seated on the bracket.
If the adjust mechanism functions properly, guide the cable through the slot in the transaxle housing. Connect cable to release lever, seating the cupped washer securely on lever tangs.
Pull back on clutch cable housing and insert into transaxle housing.
Reinstall splash cover and Power Distribution Center. Check clutch pedal position switch operation.

would love to see the photos

would love to see the photos [email protected] and thanks. oh its on order due to dealer only part lol got to love how they make you pay for thier cars well after the payments.

check email, let me know

check email, let me know