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2001 pontiac to fix a shift linkage or cable . where is it and how to fix it help.

go to - register

go to - register - add vehicle and go to repair section. - really need to check linkage at transmission

Having given more thought to

Having given more thought to your problem.("2001 Montana, hit rock in road, will not shift into drive') Check the transmission pan for a large dent. The transmission pan is located on the bottomof the transmission on the drivers' side of the van. It is somewhat "L" shaped. If the rock that you hit put a large enough dent in the pan (an in just the right place) it could prevent the internal shift linkage from moving forward (or backward) enough to engage the "drive", thus limiting you to park and reverse.

I this is the case, take the van to the shop and have the fluid drained, pan removed, dent repaired or pan replaced (while pan is off inspect linkage for daage and for proper operation). Replace the transmission filter and then reassemble for test drive.

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