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anti theft or security codes or a way to bypass

i have a 1997 buick lasabre , all lights and electronics work perferctly but when i try to turn over nothing happens and the security light is blinking, I have tried unhooking the positive battery terminal with the key in the on position for 30 minutes,and also tried to lock and unlock the doors 3 times to try to reset still nothing......... do u please have any suggestions.

Dan, The theft deterrent


The theft deterrent system in your car is called the “Passkey II”. The standard problem with this system is that the two electrical contacts in the ignition key cylinder that come in contact with the resistor pellet in the key wear out and fail to make contact with the key. The result is the circuit running through the resistor pellet in the key stays open, so the system does not recognize the key. To repair this problem you must replace the ignition key cylinder. The link below shows how to do that.

I don’t recommend bypassing the system, because this will leave your car vulnerable to theft. When the system is functioning normally, it’s an extremely effective anti-theft device.

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