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do i have to drop my gas tank to replace a fuel pump or can i just take the back seat out on my 2001 monte carlo???

remove your spare tire and

remove your spare tire and look for an access panel in the bottom of your trunk. remove the panel and the quick disconnect from the fuel sender assembly - remove the fuel lines - remove the fuel sender lock ring, looks kind of like an army gas can top - lift the sender assembly carefully out of the tank - remove the o ring and disgard - make note of the position of the fuel strainer on the pump and while supporting the pump twist the strainer off the pump and discard. diconnect the electrical connector - remove gas line clamp on top of pump - hold the fuel sender upside down on a work bench and pull the fuel pump out of the lower bracket - once clear of lower mounting bracket tilt the pump outward and disconnect from sender unit - reverse process to install new pump - make sure and install new strainer and new o ring.

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