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How do I locate and replace a throttle position sensor for a 1990 C1500 V6 Chevy truck

here's the service info, no

here's the service info, no pics, they donn't post here, if needed post email and i'll send them. let me know. mws919


Disconnect electrical connectors.
Remove the TPS attaching screw assemblies and retainer, (if applicable).
Remove TPS from throttle body assembly. NOTE: The TPS is an electrical component and must not be soaked in any liquid cleaner or solvent, as damage may result.

Install TPS to throttle body assembly, while lining up TPS lever with TPS drive lever on throttle body.
Install the two attaching screw assemblies. Tighten screw assemblies to 2.0 Nm (18.0 lb-in).
Install electrical connector to TPS.
Check for TPS output as follows:
Connect an ALDL scanner to read TPS output voltage.
With ignition ON and engine stopped, TPS voltage should be less than 1.25 volts. If more than 1.25 volts, replace TPS.

Thank you mws919. But could

Thank you mws919. But could you tell me please where to locate it in my engine or under it. I have looked and can not locate it

the throttle body is the part

the throttle body is the part the air inlet hose from the air filter connect to.

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