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how do I relace the AC compressor on a 2004 ford taurus 3.0 6 cylinder car

you have to use a vacuum pump

you have to use a vacuum pump and evacuate the system,then you have to remove the high and low pressure lines be careful not to break or crack the lines and wath for the orings that create the seal don't fall off , then usually you have to either remove te motor mount on the front of the engine to gain access to the compressor which is mounted on the lower front side of the engine,* remove serp belt first then install new compressor with new clutch already installed on it otherwise you have to buy a special tool for the clutch assy. You should also replace the reciever drier to prevent dirt from getting in the new compressor and contaminating the sys. then re attach the lines making sure to have the orings on them or replace them to create the proper seal. evacuate and recharge sys

This is best done by taking

This is best done by taking it to a garage who is certified to perfomr a/c work unless you have access to an a/c machine. Be very careful, this system has a great amount of pressure.