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How do I remove the a/c compressor on a 1999 ford taurus 3.0 24 vavle

I have a Ford taurus - 2000,

I have a Ford taurus - 2000, 3.0 24 valve - v6. The A/C compressor seems to be shot. The Serpentine belt broke two weeks ago, and before I replaced the belt, I noticed that the A/C compressor was making a grinding noise when I turned the pulley. Now the engine runs very loud. I took it to a Ford dealer and they told me that the compressor is bad and they want $800 to replace it. I'm thinking of replacing this myself. Is this a basic procedure or does it get involved? I'd need to get new (to me) compressor from a salvage yard - or buy on line first. My goal is to get the car to run more quietly and not have to worry about the A/C compressor seising up and breaking the belt again. I don't really care about having A/C. I've been living without it for a couple of years anyway. Your comments and opinions are appreciated. Thank you.

Hi, Thanks for choosing 1040.

Hi, Thanks for choosing 1040. My name is Tim West.
This is a very basic repair to replace the compressor, however they do make an aftermarket pulley that takes the place of the compressor. It's a great idea to me, however I have not used one.
Search for it on ebay.



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