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How do I remove the alternator from a 1999 Eldorado Cadillac

To remove disconnect the

To remove disconnect the negative battery cable, remove the cover from the headlamps and radiator shroud.
Disconnect the left engine torque strut from the radiator support then disconnect the upper trans oil cooler line from the transmission cooler.Next remove the right and left cooling fan. After that is done remove the serpentine belt from the alternator. Next remove the bolt from the front top of the alt. and the bottom of the alt. And detach the harness connector and cable from the alt.
Just so you know the bolt nearest the exhaust manifold can't be removed from the bracket but can be backed out to allow it to be taken out.

You'll have to remove the a/c splash shield from the cradle and the access panel from the bottom side of the raiator and disconnect the engine harness from its cradle. You can move the alt away from the engine and pull it out from the bottom side of the engine. Reverse steps to reinstall.

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