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how do i replace power steering pump on 2001 Grand prix

what size engin?

what size engin?

Not sure if this will help

Not sure if this will help but here is my two cents. I have a 99 with a v6. its not too complicated i did it like three times in a day but thats another story. Take off serpentine belt, make a diagram of how it runs around the pulleys so you put it back correctly. Disconnect the sensors and hoses. Have towels ready for expelled fluid. There will be three bolts to remove through the holes on the power steering pulley. And pull it up, very tight fit so be carful! You may have to remove one bolt on the engine mount to get proper angle to very bottom bolt through the pulley. This will only work if its the same as my 99 and that I cant answer for sure but maybe someone here will and can tell u for sure. Hope that helps!

Keith, This link covers all


This link covers all engines. Let us know if you need more help. Looks harder than it actually is.

Try for the

Try for the step-by step guide along with pictures for this procedure.
Once at the site identify you car under the heading "current Vehicle"
Next click "Repair Info" on the tabs below the AutoZone logo.
At the middle of the page go to "Your Ride, Your Guide" and click "Become a member" set you username and password
Log-in and click "Vehicle repair guide"
Select the category for the repair needed.
Select (on the left) type of repair needed.
Page opens to your repair info.

As bfee has stated you can

As bfee has stated you can try Auto Zone. He's the Auto Zone link I posted originally, just in case you missed it the first time. Let us know if you need more help.

"git-er-done," yet?

"git-er-done," yet?