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how do i replace rear main seal on a 1988 Chevy V10 Blazer?

you will need to remove the

you will need to remove the transmission and while you have it out i would put front and rear seals in that as well.

is it a bolt on seal or do i

is it a bolt on seal or do i have to drop the oil pan and remove the rear main cap and fish the seal out

if i were doing it i would

if i were doing it i would get the manual and the new part so that i could do a step by step procedure. try $13.00 for a month and it will have pics and tools needed.

thank you for the info .

thank you for the info .

i'm not seeing a v10 blazer

i'm not seeing a v10 blazer in alldata service info, only v10 pick up. what eng. are we talking about?

5.7L 350

5.7L 350

here's the service info. i've

here's the service info. i've replaced them with out seal tool, just becareful of seal being strait/level when tapped in. let me know if this helped. mws919

The rear main seal used on these engines is a one-piece type, and is mounted in a special seal retainer, Fig. 35. Use the following procedure to replace the rear oil seal on these models.

Raise and support vehicle, then remove transmission and flex plate.
Pry out seal with screwdriver, using notches provided in retainer. Take care not to mar crankshaft sealing surface when removing seal.
Lubricate inner and outer diameter of replacement seal with engine oil, then install seal on tool J-35621, J-38841 or equivalent, Fig. 36.
Thread screws of installation tool into rear of crankshaft, snugly tightening screws to ensure seal is square with crankshaft.
Tighten wing nut on tool until it bottoms.
Remove installation tool, tighten flex plate attaching bolts and bellhousing bolts to specification.

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