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How do I replace the coil on a 2001 Kia Sportage

My wife's car, a 2001 Kia

My wife's car, a 2001 Kia Sportage with 66,000 mi., started to miss and sputter so I stopped at the local repair shop. They ran diagnostics and the code was P0301. They said that I needed to have the coil changed and while they were doing that to change the spark plugs and wires. Since I am on a VERY limited budget, I couldn't afford to have them do it. They said that the coil and the plugs were under the intake plenum. I have removed the intake plenum and the intake manifold with the fuel injectors and can't even find the spark plugs or the coil. I feel really stupid because I have been working on my own cars for 40 years and I can't even find the spark plugs. Can somebody help.

Hi, Tim West here, let's make

Hi, Tim West here, let's make sure this is the issue. Does the misfire happen at all times, or is it intermittent? It's also very common for these engines to have a shorted wire(S) to the coils. As much feedback as possible. Thanks Tim West [email protected]

Hi rpbobb, I'm not a car

Hi rpbobb, I'm not a car expert, but I have been experiencing similar issues with my 2001 Kia Sportage. Last year in the cold months (around 70,000mi) my car began idling rough at stoplights, or anytime the brakes were solidly depressed. Then one day my husband forgot to replace the cap after filling up the gas tank. I thought it was just a pressure issue because they have the pressurized fuel system, but the car began to shake like an earthquake and the check engine came on and threw the P0301 code. I had a friend replace the plugs and it was still shaky for a few hours. I added some gas additive because I was afraid of water in the the line and the shaking went away. It ran perfectly...for a year. Then this past December it began doing it again. I took it a repair shop and they found that there was oil in the cylinder causing it to misfire. This was caused by a leaky valve cover that was dropping oil onto the coil pack and into the plug chamber. They replaced the plugs, coil pack, and valve cover. Now, three weeks later, it is doing it again. I took it in and the guy at the shop said it wasn't a big deal, probably just some wires, and he would look at it Monday. I've been looking on line and I have seen people with similar issues who have replaced the pack and still had the same problem like I have until they replaced the spark plug wires. Sorry this is so long, but in conclusion, I would hunt for the coil pack under the valve cover(make sure it's not leaking or you'll just have to do it again next year). Good luck, I know Kia likes to hide things. Also I would consider changing the spark plug wires first, they are supposed to be cheaper than the coil pack and the reviews that I've read had better results with the wire replacement. And I've noticed that the problem is worse when it's cold outside, not sure that is important or not. Hope part of this was helpful.