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How do i replace the heater core on my 2001 mercury sable?

For the rest of this info

For the rest of this info pic included your going to need them :) go to login enter vehicle then go to REPAIR GUIDE, HEATING & AIR CONDITIONING , HEATER CORE hope this helps pls let me knoe REMOVAL & INSTALLATION 1
5 & 7 SERIES

1.Disconnect the negative battery cable.

After disconnecting the negative battery cable, wait for at least 1 minute for the SRS or air bag module to deplete its energy.

2.Place the front wheels in the straight-ahead position.
3.Lock the steering column.
4.Remove or disconnect the following:

SRS bolt covers from both sides of the steering wheel
SRS module-to-steering wheel bolts
SRS module and disconnect the electrical connector
Steering wheel bolt and discard it

5.Press the steering wheel from the steering column.

Lower steering column shaft bolt
2 lower instrument panel cover-to-instrument panel screws and unsnap the lower cover from the instrument panel

6.Turn ignition switch to the RUN position
7.Insert a 1 / 8 in. (3mm) wire or pin punch in the lower steering column shroud hole, under the ignition switch; then, press on the pin while pulling out on the ignition switch lock cylinder and remove it from the steering column lock cylinder housing.
8.Remove or disconnect the following:

3 steering column shroud screws and the shrouds
Shift control selector lever boot
Gearshift lever pin from the manual control lever and remove the lever
Wiring connector at the bottom of the steering column and remove the wiring from the column, (if equipped with an overdrive lockout switch on the manual control lever)
Electrical connectors
Multi-function switch screws and move it aside
Shift indicator cable from the shifter tube
Shifter indicator-to-column adjustment cable screw
Interlock cable and actuator (if equipped with a column shift)
4 steering column-to-instrument panel bracket nuts and steering column
Push pins and the lower instrument cover from the instrument panel reinforcement (at the passenger-s side)
Console finish panel

9.Under the steering column, 2 instrument panel brace screws, the courtesy lamp socket, the 2 Diagnostic Link Connector (DLC) screws and the instrument panel brace.
10.If not equipped with an Electronic Automatic Temperature Control (EATC), disconnect the electrical connectors and the vacuum harness from the evaporator housing and the blower motor.
11.If equipped with an Electronic Automatic Temperature Control (EATC), remove the sensor hose/elbow and disconnect the electrical harness connectors and the vacuum hose harness from the evaporator housing.
12.Insert the Radio Removing tools 415-001 into the integrated control panel faceplate; then, push the tools in approximately 1 1 / 2 in. (38mm) to release the retaining clips. Spread the tools slightly and pull the integrated control panel from the instrument panel.
13.Remove or disconnect the following:

Electrical connectors and the automatic temperature control sensor hose and elbow, if equipped
6 console center finish panel screws and the panel, (if equipped with a floor shift)
4 instrument panel finish panel screws and panel, located at the right side of the steering column, (if equipped with a column shift)
Instrument cluster finish panel-to-instrument panel clips and pull the finish panel straight out
4 instrument cluster-to-instrument panel screws, the electrical connectors and the instrument cluster
Upper finish panel (located at the top of the instrument panel)
Light sensor amplifier connector, (if equipped with an autolamp)
Instrument panel finish end panels on both sides of the instrument panel
Front scuff plates and pull the door weatherstrip away from the instrument panel (on both sides of the instrument panel)
3 instrument panel-to-upper cowl top panel screws
2 screws at each end of the instrument panel
Instrument panel electrical connectors and the parking brake switch
Instrument panel

14.Drain the cooling system into a clean container for reuse
15.Remove or disconnect the following:

Do not attempt to bend any part of the lever, for it is brittle and will break.

Heater hoses from the heater core and plug the openings
4 air conditioning electronic blend door actuator-to-heater/air conditioning housing assembly screws and the actuator
Metal cover, disengage the spring from the heater core cover and from the lever
Gently, depress the locking ramp and remove the lever from the secondary air temperature control door end

16.Rotate the primary air conditioning air temperature control door shaft downward, swing the metal link counterclockwise and remove it from the pin.
17.Remove the 3 heater core cover-to-heater/air conditioning housing assembly screws, the cover and the seal.
18.Press on the heater core tubes and remove the heater core from the heater/air conditioning housing assembly.