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How do I replace the starter on a 1996 Buick Regal 3.8L

Welcome to Steps

Welcome to Steps to take to replace starter on Regal are listed.

1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
2. Remove the upper mounting bracket above the radiator.
3. Detach the electrical connections at the coolant fan, then remove the fan.
4. Disconnect the upper and lower oil cooler pipes from the radiator.
5. Raise and safely support the vehicle.
6. Unfasten the retainers from the engine harness and position them away from the starter.
7. Disconnect both lower oil cooler hoses from the radiator.
8. Detach the starter electrical connections.
9. Remove the upper flywheel inspection cover.
10. Unfasten the mounting bolts/screws, then remove the starter and shims (if used) from the engine.


11. Position the starter and shims (if used) to the engine, then secure with the mounting bolts/screws. Tighten to 32 ft. lbs. (43 Nm).
12. Attach the electrical connections to the starter. Tighten the solenoid battery terminal outside nut to 12 ft. lbs. (16 Nm). and the solenoid "S'' terminal inside nut to 22 inch lbs. (2.5 Nm).
13. Position the upper inspection cover, then secure with the retainers to 89 inch lbs. (10 Nm).
14. Attach both lower oil cooler hoses to the radiator.
15. Fasten the engine wire harness and retainers.
16. Carefully lower the vehicle.
17. Attach the oil cooler pipes to the radiator.
18. Install the coolant fan and attach the electrical connectors.
19. Install the upper engine mounting bracket and tighten the bolt/screws to 32 ft. lbs. (43 Nm).
20. Connect the negative battery cable, then check the engine oil level and add as necessary.



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