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how do i replace the thermostat on a 93 toyota camry v6

the top hose on your radiator

the top hose on your radiator hooks to a housing on the engine and it contains the thermostat - drain enough coolant so that when you disconnect the hose at the engine it won't flood your engine.
remove the housing and clean off the old gasket, replace the thermostat and gasket, attach hose and fill with coolant.

as a rule follow the top

as a rule follow the top rad. hose, at the end of it there is a housing held on with 2 bolts. the thermostat is behind it. drain coolant, remove the 2 bolts and lift housing. remove thermostat. clean the surfaces of housing and eng. install new thermostat and gasket."gasket might be a rubber o ring that goes around the thermostat" make sure the little giggle valve is on top. this valve lets air pass by the thermostat and up to the top of rad. if not the air will get trapped behind the thermostat and cause an over heat. now place the housing back over the thermostat. make sure it lays flat on engin and the thermostat deosn't get pinched between. now fill the rad. it may take awile to fill all the way as air will be comming out wile you are filling it. start engin and run until the gauge reads 1/2. shut it off and let cool. check and top off rad. make sure you have no leaks and your finished. any other questions, let us know. mws919