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how do you remove a transmission out of a 2000 expedition

I was looking up info on my

I was looking up info on my truck and stumbled onto this, its a pretty good guide on removing most if not all trannys. Click download (it actually opens up a pdf type explorer page or you can save the file so you can retain it on your pc)

Removal (Econoline,

Removal (Econoline, Expedition, Navigator, F150 & F250/F350 Super Duty Pickup) Disconnect negative battery cable. Remove dipstick. Place transmission in Neutral. On Econoline, remove air cleaner, air duct assembly and engine cover. Remove top 4 transmission bellhousing bolts and dipstick tube retaining bolt. Remove short transmission filler tube, and position aside. Raise and support vehicle. Remove skid plate, if equipped. Mark drive shaft and axle flange or yoke for reassembly reference. Remove drive shaft(s). Disconnect gearshift linkage. On 4WD models, remove transfer case prior to transmission removal. See REMOVAL & INSTALLATION (TRANSFER CASE). On vehicles equipped with Power Take Off (PTO) unit, disconnect controls and remove PTO. CAUTION:Use caution when pulling connector from Manual Lever Position Sensor (MLPS). Remove electrical connector from MLPS and solenoid assembly by pushing inward on center tab of connector. Do not pry on tab with screwdriver On all models, remove necessary heat shields for access to electrical connectors. Unplug connector from MLPS mounted at manual lever on transmission. Unplug connector from solenoid assembly on side of transmission. Remove transmission oil pan drain plug (if equipped), or loosen oil pan bolts to allow transmission fluid to drain. When fluid stops draining, remove all but 2 bolts at front of oil pan. Allow oil pan to drop. Drain remaining fluid. Reinstall bolts to hold oil pan in place. Remove torque converter inspection cover. Remove starter. Place reference marks on torque converter and drive plate for reassembly reference. Remove torque converter-to-drive plate nuts. Support transmission with transmission jack. Remove transmission mount-to-crossmember nuts and crossmember-to-frame bolts. Remove crossmember. Disconnect oil cooler lines and filler tube from transmission, if not already removed. Plug all oil cooler line openings. Secure transmission to transmission jack with safety chain. Remove remaining transmission-to-engine bolts. Move transmission rearward, and lower from vehicle. Installation To install, reverse removal procedure. Use NEW "O" ring on filler tube. Ensure torque converter is fully seated. Align reference marks on drive shaft and axle flange or yoke. Tighten all bolts/nuts to specification. See TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS. Adjust linkage and fill transmission with appropriate fluid. See appropriate AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION article.