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how do you replace front coil springs on a 1995 Mercury Cougar

youll need a coil spring

youll need a coil spring compressor so dont loosen that middle nut till strut is fasten to one are you lowering vehicle ?

1989-96 Vehicles See Figures

1989-96 Vehicles

See Figures 6, 7 and 8

The following procedures are used for removal and installation of the coil springs and MacPherson struts, since they are removed together; one can not be removed without the other.

1.If equipped, remove plastic front shock cover cup at the front shock absorber mounting bracket.
2.If equipped, remove the electronic automatic ride actuator and actuator mounting washer at top strut mount in engine compartment.
3.Unfasten the three upper shock retaining nuts and collar plate/seal from the mounting studs in the engine compartment.
4.Raise and safely support the vehicle with jackstands.
5.Remove the tire and wheel assembly.
6.Remove the lower strut mounting bolt and nut.
7.Remove nut at the stabilizer link upper mounting stud.

Be very careful to avoid damage to the ball joint seal. If the seal is damaged, the stabilizer bar link assembly must be replaced.

8.Separate the link from the front wheel spindle using Ball Joint Separator/Remover D88L-3006-A, or equivalent.
9.Support lower control arm assembly with a transmission jack, or equivalent.
10.Raise the control arm and spindle with the jack, until the stabilizer link can be completely separated from the wheel spindle. Position the stabilizer link out of the way.

Fig. Fig. 6: Use a suitable jack to raise the control arm and spindle so the stabilizer link can be removed

11.Remove the front wheel spindle-to-upper control arm ball joint attaching nut and bolt and discard.
12.Carefully lower the jack to separate the spindle from the upper control arm. Do not allow the spindle to hang free, support it with a piece of wire or other means.

Fig. Fig. 7: Support the spindle with a piece of wire; do NOT let it hang free

13.Remove support from lower control arm and remove shock absorber/strut and spring assembly from vehicle.

Fig. Fig. 8: Exploded view of the front strut/shock absorber and spring removal-1989-96 vehicles

To install:

14.Position the shock absorber and upper mount assembly over the lower control arm. Insert the lower shock bolt into the lower control arm.
15.Using a jack, raise the lower control arm and strut/shock absorber into position, aligning the upper strut mounting studs with the holes.
16.Remove the wire holding the spindle and position the spindle to the upper control arm. Raise the lower control arm with the jack and attach the spindle to the upper control arm ball joint using a new attaching bolt and nut. Tighten the nut to 50-68 ft. lbs. (68-92 Nm).
17.Position the stabilizer bar link and lower spindle assembly until link is in position to install the nut onto link. Tighten to 30-39 ft. lbs. (40-55 Nm).
18.Remove the jack from the lower control arm.
19.Install the lower strut nut, but do not tighten at this time.
20.Install tire and wheel assembly, then tighten the lug nuts to 85-105 ft. lbs. (115-142 Nm), using a torque wrench.
21.Carefully lower the vehicle, making sure the upper strut mounting studs are aligned with holes.
22.Install the shock absorber housing seal and three nuts to the upper mounting studs. Tighten to 17-22 ft. lbs. (22-31 Nm).
23.Install the washer, nut and install the electronic actuator, if equipped. Tighten the nut to 28-39 ft. lbs. (37-54 Nm).
24.Install the plastic shock absorber/strut cover cup, if equipped.

To prevent front suspension lower arm strut bushing wind-up, the lower shock nut must be tightened with the vehicle weight on the wheels.

25.Neutralize the lower control arm bushings by pushing down on the front of the vehicle and releasing. Tighten the lower shock absorber/strut nut to 125-170 ft. lbs. (170-230 Nm).

Have the alignment

Have the alignment checked/set after you finish the procedure.