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how do you replace radiator on 2002 Chev. Impala

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go to - register - add vehicle and go to repair section for step by step - drain coolant in recycle container - remove fans - remove hoses and check them for replacement - remove radiator brackets and radiator - reverse order to install new radiator

1.Disconnect the negative

1.Disconnect the negative battery cable.
2.Drain the coolant from the radiator.
3.Remove the engine mount strut. Some technicians will disconnect just one and swing the strut out of the way. In this case, loosen the through bolts to prevent shearing the rubber bushings when the strut is moved out of the way for radiator removal. In some cases, it is best to remove the strut and its mounting bracket completely.
4.Separate the cooling fan harness connector from the engine harness.
5.Separate the low coolant level module harness connector at the module.
6.Disconnect the radiator hoses.
7.Remove the cooling fan assembly from the vehicle.
8.Disconnect the automatic transaxle cooling lines from the radiator
9.There should be two small retaining brackets at both ends of the radiator that are removed.
10.Carefully lift the radiator up and out of the vehicle

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