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How du i replace the heater blower motor on a 95 chevy pickup

i think thats pretty easy -

i think thats pretty easy - the blower motor is on top passenger side with 8 or 10 screws holding it and blower wheel is removed and added to new motor. not sure when they changed to the behind glove box removal - check and see if thats the case
the motor will be visable near firewall with electrical connection and a cooling hose attached - i always have a manual for my vehicles and follow it.

Thanks jerryh20 A few days

Thanks jerryh20
A few days after i posted this question i desided to dive into the project and change the heater motor.
I removed the glovebox and fund to get the plastic cover off that is over the blowermotor i had to loosen the computer and remove the tray it sits on.The cover is sloted at the top and hooked over a bracket and also has 1 srew near the top right. After that the motor came out with 4 screws and was easy. It was about a 1 hour job.
Thanks again

Also, check fuses and

Also, check fuses and wiring.

you go jerry!! :)

you go jerry!! :)