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How to change a thermostat on a 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan 6 cyl 3.3L?

i can send the pics that go

i can send the pics that go along with this info or you can go to autozone, register in and select car type and part, then click on view job diagram and a pop up will come up showing thermostat exploded view and replacement info.
let us know.


Drain cooling system down below the thermostat level.

Remove radiator upper hose from coolant outlet connector.

Remove coolant outlet connector bolts and connector.
Remove thermostat from outlet connector.
Discard gasket and clean both gasket sealing surfaces.


To ensure proper seating of replacement thermostat, carefully remove the bulged metal from the wall of the outlet connector recess that was created during the staking procedure that held the OEM thermostat in place. It is not necessary to restake the replacement thermostat into the connector.

Position thermostat to coolant outlet connector. Align the two locating notches on thermostat to the connector. This position will ensure proper location of the thermostat air bleed.
Position a new gasket over the thermostat and connector making sure thermostat is in proper position and in the recess provided.
Install thermostat and connector assembly to the intake manifold. Tighten bolts to 28 Nm (250 in. lbs.).
Install the radiator upper hose to coolant outlet connector.
Refill the cooling system to the proper level.

Try for the

Try for the step-by step guide along with pictures for this procedure.
Once at the site identify you car under the heading "current Vehicle"
Next click "Repair Info" on the tabs below the AutoZone logo.
At the middle of the page go to "Your Ride, Your Guide" and click "Become a member" set you username and password
Log-in and click "Vehicle repair guide"
Select the category for the repair needed.
Select (on the left) type of repair needed.
Page opens to your repair info.



be sure to use a 50/50

be sure to use a 50/50 antifreeze and water mixture in the cooling system. (usually 1 gallon of antifreeze is enough).