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How to change the headlight switch on the dashboard for '97 Buick Century?

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go to - register - add vehicle and go to repair section

Disconnect the battery. The

Disconnect the battery.
The trim around the headlight switch must be removed first. Use a very small flat tipped screwdreive to gently pry the trim away from the dashboard. Once the trim is removed, use a screwdriver (phillips) to remove the headlight switch. Unplug the wiring connector and remove the switch. Reverse to install.

Thanks for the info for

Thanks for the info for replacing the headlight switch, it went well. But it did not solve my problem. 97' Buick Century with automatic headlights when darkness comes, the headlights also were running lights, but 3 weeks ago they stopped working. At first they would work when the switch was pulled out; for a couple of days; then they would not work. For a couple of days I could turn the high beams on but that stopped working. Now I have to HOLD the high beam lever to have any headlights!! The switch has been replaced so what could be wrong? I read somewhere that there is a RELAY! Could that be my problem?

Thr relay is in the circuit

Thr relay is in the circuit which sends power to the lights. If you can hold the lights on bright and they work, you can assume that the relay is good (will research and get back to you).

The dimmer switch might be the problem. Don't go out and buy one yet though. I'll send you info on how to check the dimmer on my next post.

Thank You bfree

Thank You bfree

After looking at the wiring

After looking at the wiring diagram there are a few possibilities.
1. Check the "PARK LPS" fuse 20A in the underhood electrical center.
2. Check the "FRT PK LPS" fuse 10A in the fuse block (inside vehicle).
3. Check the connection at the body control module (make sure it's tight)-- behind left side of dash.
4. Check individual wires (two seperate connectors) on the Daytime Running Lamps Control Module -- behind left side of dash. locate a picture of this module on an auto parts sight so that you can recognize it when you see it on your car.

Daytime Running Lamps Control Module is up against the firewall, just above brake pedal on the left. It is approximently the size of a cigarette pack, black in colour. It has two (2) wiring harness connections (a blue one and a black one each has eight wires running to them). Use a test light to check for power at these terminals.

Unplug the black, 8 pin, connector (C1); the terminals are marked with letters "A" thru "H"

Terminal Wire color Function
A ORN Fused Battery feed (should be 12V)
B LT BLU Left front turn signal feed 12V with signal on
C DK BLU Right front turn signal feed 12V with signal on
D YEL Headlmp switch output (12v when on)
E LT BLU/WHT Turn signal output LF
F BLK Ground (check this ground with ohmmeter)
G DK BLU/WHT Turn signal output RF
H LT BLU Parking lamp switch (output 12V when on)

Blue connector (C2) 8 pins "A" thru "H"

Terminal Wire Color Function
A BLK Ground
B PNK/WHT Day/Night headlamp delay control
C PNK Fused Ign 1 feed (12V)
D ORN/BLK Parking brake switch signal alarm
E LT BLU Parking brake input
F BRN Fused Ign 3 feed (12V)
G LT GRN/BLK DRL ambient light sensor input
H YEL/BLK DRL ambient light sensor ground

If these terminals have the proper amount on voltages or grounds and the lights still do not work suspect the DRL module.

You may be able to find one at a salvage yard to use to check your diagnosis, before (or instead of) buying a new one; they are inexpensive at those "you pull it type" of salvage yards.

Hello bfree;I tried all you

Hello bfree;I tried all you suggested and the proper amount of voltages and grounds were not proper so I had the system diagnosed. He said that the LEEDS MULTIFUNCTION SWITCH WAS THE PROBLEM. How do I take that switch out of my car and also out of the junk yard car? The switch that includes the turn switch lever!! How to separate the wires? Where is the screw or bolt around the steering wheel cover? What else do I need to remove to get at the switch? HOW TO SEPARATE THE WIRE BUNCH; HE SAID THERE IS A BOLT?? Any info you could tell me would be much appreciated!! I found a very good YOU PICK IT parts junk yard in Indy and I'm going back that way in a week.. THANKS FOR YOUR HELP JOSEPHPP

1.To remove the turn signal &

1.To remove the turn signal & multifunction switch, ensure the the lever is in center OFF position. Disconnect negative battery cable.

[Disable airbag system (remove lower cover undash on drivers' side to access wires at base of steering column). Disconnect the YELLOW 2-way airbag connector.]

[Remove airbag module from steering wheel by using a flat blade screwdriver to release the four leaf springs on the back side of the steering wheel. Pull gently on module while leaf springs are released. Disconnect electrical connector and remove air bag module.]

2.Remove steering wheel: Mark the steering wheel hub and the center shaft of the steering column so that you can position it in the same position during installation.
Loosen nut and position it flush with the end of the steering shaft.
3.Using steering wheel puller (can rent from Autozone if necessary)pull steering wheel loose from shaft. Remove steering wheel nut.
4.Remove bolt/screws from lower steering column cover. To disengage lock tabs, tilt cover down and slide back. Remove lower cteering column cover. Remove bolt/screws from upper steering column cover.
5.Remove the wiring harness straps necessary to disengage steering column wiring harness. Disconnect steering column electrical connector from vehicle wiring harness (at bottom of column).
6. Disconnect GRAY and BLACK turn signal and multifunction switch connectors from steering column electrical connector. Remove bolt/screws,(from switch) and remove turn signal and multifunction switch from vehicle.

bfree I tried to remove the

bfree I tried to remove the multifunction switch while at the j yard and did not have to take the steering wheel off. I had to take the long dash part off and the cover that goes around the steering wheel. It was 3 star screws but I DIDN'T HAVE THE TOOLS TO TAKE OUT THE BOLTS that held a metal plate so I could not get a clear shot at the wire bundle to separate them. the man at the diagnose place said their is a bolt holding the wire connections together and I will look for that when I go back. Is that right that the bundle separates? Does this sound right? JosephPP

bfree He also said that I

bfree He also said that I need a crank sensor that is behind the pully, does that sound right and how hard is that to replace? JosephPP