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how to change the water pump on a 1999 dodge neon

disconnect the neg battery

disconnect the neg battery cable - raise and support vehicle - remove right inner splash pan - drain coolant - support engine from bottom with jack and remover right engine mount - remove power steering pimp bracket bolts and set assembly aside - lines can remain attachedto pump - remove right engine mount bracket - remove timing belt tensioner and timing belt - remove camshaft sprockets and inner timing belt cover - unfasten water pump to engine attaching screws and remove pump - remove and disgard o ring and clean mating surface - replace new o ring using a small dabs of slicone sealant - position water pump on block and install retainers to 9 ft lbs - rotate the pump by hanf to make sure its free - install inner timing belt cover, timing belt and tensioner -in stall engine mount - refill cooling system - install power steering pump - and drive belts - connect neg batter cable - use drb or equivalent scan tool to perform the camshaft and crankshaft timing relearn procedure as follows - connect scan tool to data port under dash - turn on ingnition and accsess micellaneous screen - select relearn cam/crank option and follow instructions on scan screen. check for leaks pressure test 15 psi