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How to change water pump 2004 Cavalier

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To remove and replace the water pump first when replacing a water pump, it is necessary to drain the cooling system.
Any components--belts, fan, fan shroud, shaft spacers, or viscous drive clutch--should be removed to make the pump accessible. Some pumps are attached to the cylinder block as shown below.
Loosen and remove the bolts in a crisscross pattern from the center outward.
Insert a rag into the block opening and scrape off any remains of the old gasket.
Most often a coating of good waterproof sealer should be applied to a new gasket before it is placed into position on the water pump.
Coat the other side of the gasket with sealer, and position the pump against the engine block until it is properly seated.
Install the mounting bolts and tighten them evenly in a staggered sequence to the torque specifications with a torque wrench. Careless tightening could cause the pump housing to crack. Check the pump to make sure it rotates freely.
The water pumps on many late-model OHC engines are driven by the engine's timing belt. When replacing the water pump on these engines, always replace the timing belt.
Make sure all pulleys and gears are aligned according to specifications when installing the belt.

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