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How to Removal & Installation a Radiator in 2000 Ford Taurus 3.0L EFI 6cyl

disconnect neg battery cable

disconnect neg battery cable - disconnect wiring from mass flo sensor - and intake air temp sensor - remove air cleaner outlet tube - remove air cleaner retaining bolts at body - remove battery and tray - raise vehicle - drain coolant and remove 4 bolts retaining the lower radiator hose shield - disconnect lower hose - disconnect lower transaxle oil cooler tube from radiator - remove lower radiator mounts and lower vehicle - remove bolts for hood latch support and set aside - remove bumper cover and radiator support - remove 6 screws retaining engine sensor wiring and set aside - disconnect cooling fans from wiring - remove 1 nut from power steering /transaxle cooling bracket - remove 3 bolts and 1 stud bolt from a/c condenser core and move forward and support with wire to hold it out of the way - disconnect the upper transaxle cooling tube from radiator - remove both lower brackets and lower the radiator 2 inches - tilt the radiator forward and remove - reverse procedure to install - best to have a manual for step by step info.

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