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how to replace 2nd fan relay fuse on 2000 toyota camry 4 cylinder

Roadrunner, Your question is


Your question is below.

how to replace 2nd fan relay fuse on 2000 toyota camry 4 cylinder.

Use the fuse puller tool (in the fuse-box) to pull the blown fuse out. You can also use a pair of needle nose pliers to pull the fuse out. Once out, replace the blown fuse with a new fuse. If this is not what you're asking then specifically what is your question? It would also help to know exactly what the problem is, and why you think the problem is fuse related?

Is the fan not coming on?

Is the car running hotter than normal or overheating?

If you replace the fuse, do

If you replace the fuse, do yourself a favor and use one with the correct amp. rating.

Right! Recommended amperage


Recommended amperage fuse, and never go to a larger amperage fuse. Best way to start a car fire.

there's 3 relays, witch fan

there's 3 relays, witch fan is not working?

Thanks much for the help

Thanks much for the help :)---I had someone to put a tester on and the result was fan 2 fuse needed to be replaced----yes, the car was overheating---the coolant resevoir was boiling---the water was not circulating---I happened to take the relay fuse box cover off and noted it was like replacing fuses in an old house (LOL) I'm just an old lady!!!!

Roadrunner We learn something


We learn something new everyday. Good Job. Glad you got it fixed.

I don't want to jinx you but I feel you should know that a fuse is more often a symptom and not the cause of a problem. Keep a close eye on that temperature gauge. If the problem occurs again I don't want you to let it overheat. Overheating is very hard on a car. It's just like a heart attack. Just because the car lives through one doesn't mean it will live through another.

Let us know if you have any other problems. Thanks.

Roadrunner, Glad you got it


Glad you got it figured out, and that we were able to help. If you have any other problems, or it starts to overheat again let us know.