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How to replace a driver side fender on a 2002 toyota corolla

hope this helps pls let me

hope this helps pls let me knoe :) p.s this info came from Toyota Celica, Corolla, ECHO & MR2 1999-05

Removal & Installation

1.Remove the inner liner from the fender to be removed.
2.Remove of disconnect all electrical items attached to the fender.
3.If necessary, remove the front bumper assembly.
4.Remove all bolts attaching the fender and the brace to the firewall and the radiator/grille panel.
5.Remove the rear attaching bolts through the pillar opening and remove the fender from the vehicle.

To install:

1.Attach the fender to the vehicle with the mounting bolts and tighten securely. Make sure the fender is aligned correctly with all other panels.
2.If removed, attach the front bumper.
3.Install and connect all electrical components removed.
4.Attach the inner fender liner.

By fender I take it you mean

By fender I take it you mean the outer portion of the front fender. It's pretty straight forward.
Open the hood and remove the bolts which attach the top of the fender to the unibody (this is the part of the fender that the hood covers when its' closed).
Remove the inner fender (plastic splash guards in the wheel well). You might have to remove the wheel to gain (comfortable) access.
Open the door (frt door I assume) remove the bolts which attach the fender to the body just under the front edge of the door.
The headlight assembly may have to be removed to gain access to the bolts at the front of the fender.
Disconnect/remove any accessories which are attached to the fender.
Remove fender.